Telerik report viewer template

The default implementation supports mobile as well as desktop browsers. The responsive layout adapts itself to the device display for best viewing experience. Visual appearance can be customized by the Kendo UI theming mechanism.

The Report Preview area provides the placeholder for the rendered report.

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All commands provided by the toolbar operate on the report currently shown in this area. It has built-in support for end-user interactions such as drill-down and drill-through, navigation to bookmarks in the report and external URLs. The toolbar of the HTML5 report viewer provides basic functionality for interacting with the currently-loaded report:.

Print Preview: switches between Logical and Physical page renderer. Check Rendering and Paging article for more info. Export: check Rendering Extensions for available export formats.

Print: check Printing Reports article for more information. Toggles the send email window that allows sending a report as an attachment, with specific paramaters, to a list of users. Check the send email message article for more information. Scale the pages for best viewing experience including full pagepage width or custom scale factor.

Toggles the search window widget that allows searching in report contents.

Telerik Reporting

Check the search article for more information. The parameters pane provides intuitive UI for user input. Based on the type of the parameters, a suitable editor UI is created. If needed, the viewer can be customized to use a Kendo UI DateTimePicker or another widget which allows selecting the time part explicitly. For more information, check parameters option in Report Viewer Initialization article.

When at least one report parameter has its Visible property turned on a parameter area is shown as part of the report viewer. This helps the report developer to easily provide input method for the end users. Parameter layout on the parameter area is formatted automatically. The order is determined by the order in which parameters appear in the ReportParameters collection editor. The end user can enter or select values in the editors.

When at least one visible report parameter has AutoRefresh property turned off a Preview button appears. In this case to preview the report, the end user should click the Preview button.

telerik report viewer template

If all parameters have default values, the report runs automatically on first view. The document map pane provides a set of navigational links to report items in a rendered report.

When you view a report that has a document map, a separate side pane appears next to the report preview area. A user can click a link in the document map to jump to the report page that displays the corresponding item.

telerik report viewer template

Report sections and groups are arranged in the hierarchy of links. Clicking items in the document map refreshes the report preview and displays the area of the report that corresponds to the item in the document map. To add links to the document map, you set the DocumentMapText property of the report item to text that you create or to an expression that evaluates to the text that you want display in the document map.

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The page modes are two. Continuous scrolling and Single page. The Single page mode renders only one page in the view port.Adapt all path references in the described steps according to the project setup.

The item template adds. The following describes the item template wizard steps:. To start the item template wizard, in Solution Explorerselect the target project.

The item template will open the 'Add new Report Viewer' dialog with the following steps:. Choose Rest service option.

Working with Report Templates in the Report Designer

On the right side of the dialog, there are two options:. If Create new REST service option was previously selected, you will have to choose one of the following three options. If, however, Use existing REST service option was previously selected, you will only have the option to choose an existing report definition.

Sample report definition - this option will create a sample report definition which will be shown in the new report viewer.

It will be placed in a newly created folder called Reports at the root of the application. It can be either modified or changed with another. New report definition - this option will create a new report definition that will be opened for editing in the respective report designer.

On the right side of the dialog there are two possible options:. Type report definition - will create a CS VB file with the entered Report name either in an existing report library project or in a newly created one.

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Existing report definition - this option will prompt you to choose an existing report definition that will be shown in the report viewer. On the right side of the dialog there are three possible options:.

Also, there is an option to enable adding the report definition to the project. In this case the report viewer will use a UriReportSource with the provided path to the file. Enter type report definition created in Visual Studio - enter the Assembly qualified name of the type report definition.

In this case the report viewer will use a TypeReportSource with the provided Assembly qualified name. Select type report definition created in Visual Studio - select the type report definition from the resolved types in the solution.Besides these three areas the viewer template contains top and side menus that provide the basic tools for navigating into the reports when the viewer is rendered on desktop or mobile devices.

While loading the template content, the widget looks for elements marked with the data-role attribute and maps its value to a jQuery plugin function that provides the element behavior. For example:. If such function exists, it is invoked onto the HTML element that owns the data-role attribute passing an options object with the following properties:.

ReportViewerController object that is responsible for the basic viewer operations. Following the above pattern, one can create its own data-role and extend the default viewer behavior. Cancel Submit. All Rights Reserved. See Trademarks for appropriate markings. For example: HTML. In this article. Not finding the help you need? Contact support. Was this article helpful? Other By checking this box you consent to Progress contacting you by email about your response on this page. Community Forums Blogs Feedback Portal.NET, web-based and standalone desktop report designers for creating beautiful reports in a visual manner to meet any business need.

With Telerik. NET Reporting, you can deliver interactive reports directly to your web or desktop application. Reports can be easily viewed in ASP. The Visual Studio report designer is specially created for developers that prefer VS for report authoring. It works with. NET type report definitions. CS or. VB files.

You can add and edit charts, tables and groups, fill them with data, calculate values, style, preview, share and export the ready reports. The Standalone report designer, featuring an easy to use environment, is the heart of Telerik Reporting. It enables both developers and users to create, design, edit, preview, save, export and print ad-hoc reports seamlessly and without any code. The Web-based Report Designer allows editing of declarative report definitions.

New items may be added using a convenient Toolbox area. The designer exposes the properties of the selected items in user-friendly property editors customized for all different property types. The Report Explorer area allows easy navigation in the report structure and provides additional modification abilities.

Learn more about Web-based Report Designer. Created reports can be viewed in the most used report viewer controls, where we aim for the same look of the reports regardless of the platform:. Your reports can also be embedded in your application so you can display them directly on the form or page.

The set of interactivity features are available in all report viewer controls that enables you to deliver a rich report environment without worrying about platform limitations. Telerik Reporting lets you create, view and export rich, beautiful, interactive and reusable reports - everything a lightweight and feature-complete reporting solution should do. Design great reports with the help of perfect item positioning, CSS like styling with themes, conditional formatting and more.

Deliver relevant information from any data source. Aggregate, filter and format data quickly and easily. Add reports to any business application. View reports in web, desktop and cloud apps. Get the best ROI on the market. NET reporting solution, three major releases per year, source code and technical support from the same developers who built the product. Telerik Reporting is powerful and easy to use with minimal implementation costs and a very short learning curve.

NET and JavaScript components and Reporting and Productivity tools enable you to build modern and high-performant apps on any web, desktop or mobile platform—fast.

Comes with flexible support options designed to cover your every need. Telerik Reporting becomes the best Crystal Reports alternative. Telerik Reporting makes it easy to embed reports in Blazor applications. Check out the getting started video of Telerik Reporting — complete. NET reporting solution for web and desktop applications. Explore its capabilities across platforms and technologies.

Visualizations have been helping people understand data for centuries. Clear and accurate reporting plays a pivotal role in any business decision today.Posted 09 Dec Link to this post.

I need a full example of a custom html template to customize the tool bar of the html5 report viewer. Posted 10 Dec in reply to Christian Link to this post. Posted 11 Dec Link to this post. What is the desired outcome? Can you give us more details? You can check useful information in the articles below:.

Posted 11 Dec in reply to Neli Link to this post. Posted 11 Dec in reply to Fernando Link to this post.

telerik report viewer template

Posted 12 Dec in reply to Neli Link to this post. Posted 16 Dec Link to this post. If it is trdp report, it has to be "1. In addition, you can check the attached project where a custom template is used. You will need to:. Posted 16 Dec in reply to Neli Link to this post. Posted 19 Dec Link to this post. I will need a sample application which demonstrates the problematic behavior, so I can test it and give you further information.

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Explore the Telerik Feedback Portal and vote to affect the priority of the items.Showing tooltips in a webpage is a very common task and there are lots of solutions for any magnitude of complexity. In this article we will demonstrate some ways to control its properties and style its appearance.

The styling of each of the div elements can be controlled by its CSS class. It provides some very basic styling for the tooltip:. You can apply your preferred CSS-styling here and it will affect all the tooltips displayed in the report viewer. Otherwise you should specify the tooltips styles as shown below:. In case you need a custom solution for your tooltips, you can create your own ones, using the information provided in the data-tooltip attributes of the report viewer content.

In the following example we will show you how to create tooltips using jQueryUI Tooltip widget:. First, declare the jQuery library in your html page:. Then you need to subscribe to an appropriate event that will be raised from the report viewer. In this case the pageReady event is suitable, because all the content will be ready and we can select the report items by their data-tooltip attributes.

Additionally we need to cancel the appearance of the default KendoUI tooltips when hovering over an item. When you run your application you should see that the default tooltips are replaced by the ones provided by the jQuery library. In this article, we demonstrated how to customize the styling of the tooltips shown in HTML5-based report viewers — a feature that will add to the reports interactivity and bring better user experience when working with Telerik Reporting.

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Blog Stay up-to-date with the latest functionality, how-to articles and industry trends. Release History Complete release history for Telerik Reporting. System Requirements Operating system. NET and browser support.The Report templates in Telerik Reporting hold the initial report layout and styling, and allow for creating reports with consistent look and feel.

They save time by skipping the repetitive tasks associated with building a new report every time, so that users can focus on the specific requirements of the new report. These tasks may include setting page sizes, connecting to data sources, defining headers and footers such as adding a logo and page numbersas well as styling. Use the Export Template wizard to create new templates from reports that are currently opened in the Report Wizard. You can access this wizard from the File menu by clicking Export Template.

Start the Report Designer and open a report that you would like to use as report template. Navigate to File menu and click Export Template The Export Template Wizard is started. Navigate to second step Select Template Source where you select the item that you want to export. You can select only one item. Click Next. In the Select Template Options step, select options for your template:. Click Finish. If the template name you have specified already exists, you would be asked to override it.

The Telerik Report Designer searches for and automatically loads templates from the following directories:. The default working directory is located in the user documents folder named Telerik Report Designer.

The template directory located in the application folder. The application folder is where the Telerik Report Designer executable is located. Cancel Submit. All Rights Reserved. See Trademarks for appropriate markings. Click the Browse button to browse for the desired image file.

The selected icon file is included in the template when it is exported. In this article.

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